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hey everybody, i'm contageous!

that's odd, i appear to be rotting

screening the world for the obscure
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i'm yupimsarcastic, to be reached at BeeOpinion8@aol.com and Tryskepticism on AIM.

this community was made to be a source of entertainment and also as a way for me to cater to my God complex... for here, i rule all... heh.

simple rules:
1 you have to make a requst to join (preferably by e-mailing me). i'm not too selective... all i really ask is that in your request you include a picture (use photobucket.com or one of its sister sites if need-be), a poem, a short story, a strange hypothetical question, or something strang or amusing (like a link to rotten.com or starterupsteve... but not one of those actual two), that's the basic criteria...
***the only way to bypass this request is if you are INDIVIDUALLY invited by the mod... my self, yupimsarcastic***
2 if posting more than two pictures, or more than one quiz result, use an lj cut {"<*lj-cut*>...<*/lj-cut*> (minus the stars)}
3 don't be a douche to the other memebers. take your lj drama bull somewhere else. say whatever you have to say, but be decent...
4 you may tell anyone you want about it and suggest that they join. you can post or comment and make whatever recommendations about whoever you want.
5 try to keep the majority of your posts restricted to the obscure or funny...
6 also permitted in entries are strange/unique hypothetical questions and hysterical psycotic rants about just about anything (preferably with low profanity content)
7 after you are INITIALLY accepted, please feel free to make AN INTROduction entry telling us about yourself, how you found us, or whatever you would like to share

question topics which are OFF LIMITS within the community:
~ the morality of homosexuality or bisexuality... and if gay marriage should be permitted (Rants CAN be about intolerance around these issues, and Jokes about these issues CAN also be made. one may also make mention of their OWN prefference in an entry is this fact has RELEVANCE in the entry) [abortion is absolutly to be left alone]
~ which type of religion is the "right one" (you may at some point make mention of your own religion if relevant)
~ what is considered a sin (jokes can be made... but please stray from becoming a fire and brimstone preacher)
these topics are over played and i personally just find the responses to often be redundant and sometimes just flat out offencive/annoying...

and by the way... ¡PROMOTE THIS EM EFFER!

i would also recommend _body_shots_, a_whoring, punk_n_owning